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Safecast Moves Open Radiation Data Movement Forward

The Journal of Radiological Protection has published a peer reviewed Scientific Article by Safecast members  on the success of Citizen Science in providing radiation data during and after the Fukushima Daiichi reactor melt downs. Safecast is also expanding its project by …


From Fukushima

I am in Fukushima today, in the City of Koriyama for a Safecast Conference. I have traveled here with Safecast people, who have been monitoring the environment for radiation contamination, and posting the data on the internet since 3.11. When you …


Fukushima Cesium Traces Approaching California – Part I

Breaking News this past week – Trace Amounts of Radioactive Cesium from Fukushima Daiichi have been reported  off the coast of California.  See the story on Yahoo News here. In January of this year a wave of panic swept across the Pacific Rim …