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Safecast Drives

List of all Safecast Drives The team at Keio University’s ‘Scanning The Earth’ project as plotted every single data point that we’ve collected on our mobile drives onto one single map. They have close up and zoomed out JPGs of …


Measurement experiment

Pieter and Kalin of Safecast Japan spent some time last weekend analyzing the fallout that settled at a hot spot in Chiba, close to Tokyo. It appears that a rain fell as particulates from Fukushima Daichi passed over the neighborhood. …


Radiation in School Yards

Koriyama Measurement – April 23, 2011 from Sean Bonner on Vimeo. Safecast volunteer Pieter Franken found this hotspot at a Kindergarten playground in Koriyama. The reading is in uSv/hr, which is not accurate when reading alpha and beta radiation. A …