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Acknowledgements for IMI Kickstarter Blue Onyx Sensor Project

The Blue Onyx Theme Soundtrack was written and recorded by Seth Augustus Quittner

Seth Augustus Quittner also designed our website and a lot of our graphics.

Blue Onxy Film Editing and Production Dan Villalva

Photography, Videography, Blue Onyx Drone Deployment  Miles Pepper

The Z-9 Team

Lee Henderson – Code and Hardware Development

Edouard LaFargue – IMI Gateway, GeigerLink and Wizkers Chrome App development

Ross Randrup – Special Projects, Verification Testing

Kent Noonan – Hardware development, Software and Hardware Verification Testing

Orapin Sythe – Project Development and Operations Director

Steve Weiss – iRover (heart of the detector) design

Kelly Wu Branesky – Project Support

Deng  – Special Projects Lab

Ping Ping – Security

Dan Sythe – Project Development

Blue Onyx Film Team

Ling Ling

Pao Pao


Orapin Sythe

Dan Sythe

Kelly Wu Branesky

Ross Randrupp



Leesen Wu Branesky


Special Thanks to:

Bunnie Huang for Aesthetic and Industrial Design

Sean Bonner – Safecast data integration and Project Support

Japan Support Team

Kiki Tanaka

Rob Oudenjik

Yuka Hayashi

Special thanks to ALL of the Japan and Global Safecast Team Members

And especially

Pieter Franken

Joe “Jam” Moross

Ray Ozzie

Joi Ito

Reid Hoffman

And Also

Barak Berkowitz

The Jaffe Family – Joeʻs Vision is Expanding

Film and Instruments are all Produced in California

No animals or humans were harmed in the making of this Film or the Instruments