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Monju Fast Breeder Reactor Faces Challenges

New York Times report that engineers are working to repair damage to the Monju reactor near Kyoto.  Damage occurred before the March 11 earthquake.  Read more. Share on Facebook


Status Update: Fukushima Daiichi, from Dr. Saji

We were forwarded Dr. Saji’s latest daily update (Dr. Saji is Ex-Secretariat of Nuclear Safety Commission, Japan). He is now retired, independent from any government or industry group. The following web site may provide additional information on what is going …


Academics Say Tepco Failed to Disclose Full Scope of Fukushima

“What we need is full disclosure, a full inventory of radiation released including the exact isotopes,” says Jan van de Putte, a specialist in radiation safety trained at Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands.  Read more in this Bloomberg …