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On Fukushima Fears and Sensationalistic Reporting

There is an incredible amount of disinformation going on these days about Fukushima Daiichi.  A lot of people are frightened by it and they call me or email me, wanting to know what I think about it. The situation at …


Geiger Counters, Radioactive Water and a Wall of Ice

We are generally dedicated to Geiger Counters – the noble tool that lets us see and learn about the invisible realm of radiation that ionizes. We also post about  radiation detection in general. We get many questions about radiation detection. …


Inside the World of Radiation Droids, and Inside the Droids Themselves

Safecast has just published a very detailed blog post about Japanʻs new generation of radiation detecting “droids,” and about the poor quality of data presentation in Japan since the Fukushima disaster.   It is really worth reading if you are interested …