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Probes and Systems

A Geiger Mueller “tube” is at the heart of every Geiger Counter.  This “tube” is usually  metal, stainless steel being the most popular material.  But some Geiger Tubes have aluminum side walls, and some are glass.  Many Geiger Tubes produced in China are made of glass.  In Russia and former Soviet Block nations, geiger tubes are often made from a phenolic material.

The instruments utilized in our network are made in the U.S.A. using high quality stainless steel and mica construction.  The mica end window on the detectors allow alpha and beta radiation to be detected, in addition to gamma and x rays. While we are drawing data from a number of sources, the primary instruments used in our network are manufactured by Iospectra – International Medcom, a supplier of quality radiation detection instruments for 26 years.

A typical monitoring station







A Typical Monitoring Station








Typical probe we are using for real time data