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Safecast Radiation Monitoring Project Wins Prestigious “Good Design” Award



Those of us that have been following this project and know the obstacles and competition – well we are really proud of the entire Safecast Team.  Pulling off a worldwide project of this magnitude is no cakewalk.  Safecast has done what governments with vast resources could not or would not do.  Surely the Safecast model will have an impact on society for many years to come.  Since the March 11 2011 nuclear meltdowns at Fukushima Daiichi Safecast has recorded and published over 10 million data points to the worldwide web.  The data is fully accessible to the public at  The Safecast bGeigie Nano, responsible for most data collected by Safecast, is available in kit form from Kithub.

Pieter Franken is Director of Safecast Japan, and Sean Bonner is Safecast Global Director, and their roles have been critical in the success of the project.  But there are many talented volunteers involved.  Too numerous to mention here, but each one worthy of recognition.   The award is a coveted one, and should bring more positive attention to this excellent organization.   Maybe the governments of the world will begin paying attention and learn the importance of Good Design, open access, transparency.  Letʻs hope