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Radiation Safety Basics – How to Protect Yourself

I heard too many stories of unnecessary high radiation exposures in 2015. I feel compelled to remind people about the basics of radiation protection. There are always simple things that can be done to reduce exposure: Time, Distance and Shielding …


Update on Surferʻs Beach Radioactivity and a Message from California Office of Emergency Services

Opinions expressed in this article reflect only the authorʻs viewpoint. Earlier blogposts here identified elevated radiation levels at Surferʻs Beach in Half Moon Bay as “not from Fukushima.”  After a trip to the site and further analysis, I stand by …


Non Profit Group Safecast Crowdsources Radiation Data in Japan

Click here for video This PBS News Story covers Safecast, an organization mapping radiation data levels in Japan and Beyond, and explains what their mission is.  Click here for video  Safecast is deserving of support in their important work.  We …