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Radiation Safety Basics – How to Protect Yourself

Time, Distance and Shielding are your best friend in radiation protection.
Time, Distance and Shielding are your best friend in radiation protection. Source:

I heard too many stories of unnecessary high radiation exposures in 2015. I feel compelled to remind people about the basics of radiation protection. There are always simple things that can be done to reduce exposure: Time, Distance and Shielding is like the ABCs of Radiation Protection. If you work or live around sources of radiation, or if you suddenly find yourself exposed, always remember that Time, Distance and Shielding are your best friends. Limit your Time near the source. Distance: Moving away from the source will dramatically reduce your exposure in an exponential way. Shielding will always help. Concrete walls, steel, lead, earth, bricks – anything with a lot of mass – will help. If radiation is airborne, always remember to protect your lungs with an air filter, mask, or even some cloth in a pinch. If you know you work around radiated airborne particles frequently then you’ll be wanting to make sure you’re always ready with the protective equipment necessary, heading over to view different online options of a Surgical Mask Canada has to offer, for example, could enable you to find your necessary protective gear in the quantities you’d need!

More on this at the NRC website. Remember to carry a radiation detector if you are working around radioactive materials, and pay close attention to it. Here’s to a safe, secure and healthy 2016!