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What is a Geiger Counter?

There is a lot of confusion these days about what a Geiger Counter is and is not.  Amazonʻs handling of search terms and results for Geiger Counters is especially amusing, even comical at times.  Here is one result that came …


An Icon of the Geiger Counter World, Don Ludlum, 1932 to 2015

In the world of Geiger Counters, Don Ludlum built quite a legacy.  Ludlum Instruments, founded by Don, is arguably one of the largest and most successful radiation detection companies in the world.  Ludlum Instruments has a strong reputation for quality …


From Fukushima

I am in Fukushima today, in the City of Koriyama for a Safecast Conference. I have traveled here with Safecast people, who have been monitoring the environment for radiation contamination, and posting the data on the internet since 3.11. When you …